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Exploring different laminate flooring finishes

Interior of a bedroom with minimalist furniture and laminate flooring

The appropriate laminate flooring finish is crucial to creating the perfect home atmosphere. Laminate finishes range from glossy to matte and every shade in between, making options seem unlimited.

Glossy laminate finishes

Many people choose glossy laminate finishes to provide elegance and a sparkling effect to any environment. Living rooms, dining rooms, and hallways use them because they reflect light and make spaces look larger. These finishes withstand dirt, dust, and stains but may show scratches, scuffs, and fingerprints. While glossy coatings are popular in modern, contemporary, and minimalist rooms, not all designs or places suit them.

The allure of matte laminate finishes

More and more people like matte plywood finishes because they are simple, classy, and useful. They look dull and don’t reflect light, so they hide scratches and wear better than shiny finishes. Matte finishes are a good option that gives things a natural look like real stone or woods. Matte laminate finishes are popular for people who want a smart and modern laminate flooring option. They may need to be cleaned more often and don’t have the same dramatic effect as shiny finishes.

Someone with cozy socks standing on laminate flooring

Someone with cozy socks standing on laminate flooring

Other laminate flooring finishes

People like glossy and matte laminate finishes, but each finish has its look and qualities. Let’s look at a few different styles for laminate flooring:

  • Textured finishes: Textured laminate finishes look like the grain and structure of natural materials like stone and wood. These treatments give the flooring depth and visual interest, which makes it feel more real and lifelike. Textured laminate finishes are popular for giving things a raw or rustic look.
  • Hand-scraped finishes: These laminate finishes look old or faded, like hand-scraped hardwood. This finish is great for people who like old and vintage styles of flooring because it adds history and texture.
  • Embossed finishes: Raised laminate finishes give floors depth and personality. With subtle textures to intricate patterns, these finishes let you change the look of a room and make it your own.
  • High-gloss finishes: You can get laminates that are even brighter and reflect light better. High-gloss finishes look great in modern and trendy rooms that want to look their best.
  • Distressed finishes: With knots, scratches, and color differences, distressed laminate finishes look like old wood. This finish is good for farmhouse and shabby-chic styles because it makes the floor look old.
  • Satin finishes: These are a mix of shiny and matte finishes with a light shine that brings out the beauty of the flooring. This finish is smooth and pretty, and it goes with a lot of different types of styles.
Different laminate flooring finishes

Different laminate flooring finishes


In conclusion, laminate flooring comes in glossy, matte, textured, hand-scraped, embossed, high-gloss, distressed, and satin finishes. Each finish adds individuality and beauty to your area. Choose the right laminate flooring finish by considering upkeep, environment, and longevity. Choose a finish that matches your taste, provides depth to your flooring, and satisfies your practical demands to create a magnificent focus for your home design. MA Flooring is always here to provide you professional flooring consultation in Melbourne which can help you better decide about the laminate flooring finishes that best suits your place’s interior design.

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