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Laminate flooring trends in 2024

Couple deciding about laminate flooring options

In recent years, laminate flooring has gone from being an inexpensive option to one that is both fashionable and multipurpose. In the year 2024, there are lots of exciting new trends in laminate flooring that may transform any area into a stunningly contemporary masterpiece.

Eco-friendly laminate flooring options in 2024

Eco-friendly laminate flooring lasts longer and is healthier for the environment, thus more people are installing it. These floors are built from recycled wood chips, sawdust, and plastics. They reduce the requirement for new resources and environmental impact. Some firms use environmentally friendly wood. Indoor air is cleaned by ethical laminate flooring’s low-emission coatings and glue. New manufacturing methods save energy and waste. Sustainable laminate flooring may produce a beautiful and durable living space.

Trending laminate flooring patterns and colors in 2024

These styles represent homeowners’ and designers’ changing tastes, from vivid patterns to muted colors.

  • Wide planks: Wide plank laminate flooring is growing in 2024. Wider boards give a room more space and make it appear larger and cozier.
  • Herringbone and chevron: Herringbone and chevron laminate flooring have been popular again in recent years and remain the most popular.
  • Geometric designs: Laminate flooring featuring hexagons and diamonds is becoming increasingly popular in 2024. Unique contemporary designs may make a place appear trendy and creative.
  • Weathered and distressed looks: Laminate flooring with worn-down looks is still popular. These designs simulate aged wood, giving your space a rustic, old-fashioned vibe.
  • Light and natural tone: Laminate flooring in these colors is still popular. Light blonde, white wood, and mild gray provide a space with a clean, classic style that complements numerous decors.
Young couple selecting among laminate flooring patterns and colors

Young couple selecting among laminate flooring patterns and colors

Laminate flooring with wood and stone look

Laminate flooring has grown in popularity since it mimics stone and wood while being cheaper. These laminate floorings come in oak, maple, hickory, and walnut planks of various sizes and shapes. To seem more authentic, they may be made to look like wood. Engineered stone laminate flooring feels like an actual stone because of pattern technology. Tiles constructed from marble, slate, travertine, and limestone are common. Some stone-like laminate flooring has beveled edges that create grout lines that resemble authentic.

High-end laminate flooring innovations in 2024

Thanks to cutting-edge technology, smart design, and high-quality materials, modern flooring has never looked better.

  • Embossed-in-Register (EIR) technology: With this technology, materials like stone and oak can look and feel like the real thing.
  • High-definition printing technology: This technology makes laminate flooring look better by recreating colors, designs, and textures with amazing detail and accuracy.
  • Waterproof and water-resistant options: These are great for places like basements, bathrooms, and kitchens that get a lot of moisture.
  • Enhanced durability: made to last through spills, wear and tear, and fading.
  • Thermal and sound insulation: features that are put in to cut down on sound transmission and make the building more energy efficient.
Happy family laid down on laminate flooring

Happy family laid down on laminate flooring

Embrace the latest laminate flooring trends of 2024

2024 laminate flooring styles are becoming more common because they are good for the environment, last longer, and look good. Some of these trends are eco-friendly options, like recycled materials and finishes with low emissions. Modern colors and patterns give you a lot of options to design your home space. High-end laminate flooring looks and feels like real materials, making the floor feel soft. You can contact our flooring team in Melbourne for further information about laminate flooring trends before making decision about a flooring design.

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