Top 8 carpet cleaning mistakes to avoid for a long-lasting carpet

Happy father talking to his son while cleaning carpet

Carpets are one of the most important parts of the private or commercial areas that benefit from the carpets as a flooring type. To increase carpets’ lifespan, they should be well protected in the right way by considering regular cleaning rules and carpet maintenance tips and tricks. In this article, some of the cleaning mistakes will be discussed with which you can easily damage the carpets.

1. Skipping regular vacuuming of the carpet

Ignoring regular vacuuming is the first mistake for the places that are floored with carpets. This mistake can cause the dirt to cover and wear down the carpet fibers and this will lead to a dirty appearance and shorter lifespan of the carpet.

Vacuuming carpet

Regular carpet vacuuming, as a carpet maintenance way

2. Using too much water during carpet cleaning

Another mistake which should be highly avoided is to use too much water during carpet cleaning. Although it is important to have a logical routine for carpet cleaning, using too much water during the process can damage the carpet texture and fibers, and carpet rots will appear in the long term.

💡It is also good to mention that if you have a baby or pets at your place and there is a chance of pouring water regularly, it is highly recommended to find a solution such as using a cover on the carpet to avoid carpet damage.

3. Using the wrong carpet cleaning products

Using the wrong cleaning products is another carpet damaging reason. It is recommended to clean carpets yearly, it can be harmful to use the wrong products though. Because some of the carpet cleaning products contain some materials that may be corrosive and too strong for the carpet fibers. They can damage carpet texture and also cause discoloration.

Cleaning carpet with chemical material and brush

Using wrong cleaning products, a reason for damaging carpet texture and color

💡It is highly recommended to test the cleaning materials that you are going to use first on a less important or old carpet area to see if it works without causing any damage and discoloration to the carpet.

💡Some of the well-known cleaning products are Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro, Vax Platinum Pro Carpet Washer, and Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner. However, you need to read about them carefully before choosing any of the mentioned products or using a carpet flooring professional consultation.

4. Avoiding cleaning carpet stains and spills immediately

One of the important damages to the carpets is ignoring stains and spills immediately after they appear. Stains and spills can be caused for any reason by any material like tea, coffee, etc. So, they have different difficulty levels to be removed. The longer the stains and spills remain, the harder it is to remove them from carpets’ textures. They can cause an ugly appearance and also carpet tears and rots.

💡We recommend you read our “carpet maintenance tips to increase its lifespan” article for a better view of carpet lifespan-increasing methods.

5. Scrubbing carpet stains excessively

As mentioned above, cleaning stains and spills is important to be done right after they happen, but leaving them as they are and trying to remove them after a long time needs more pressure and excessive scrubbing. This will lead to hard damage to the carpet fibers and texture and it reduces the carpet’s lifespan.

6. Ignoring the carpet’s manufacturer’s cleaning instructions

All the valid carpet manufacturing companies provide clients with a cleaning instruction manual that can help them have a well and clean carpet that lasts for a long time. Ignoring these instructions which include details about carpet cleaning periods, routines, and maybe suitable products, can cause harsh damage to the carpet such as carpet discoloration, tears, and rots. It is highly advised by flooring professionals to read carpet cleaning instructions carefully after buying a carpet, so you will have enough information about the carpet cleaning process.

7. Overusing carpet cleaners

Although using carpet cleaners is a perfect way to get rid of stains and spills on the carpet, overusing these cleaners can also cause damage to the carpet texture as they contain chemical materials to remove dirt easily. Therefore, it is essential to consider a specific cleaning routine and period with which you can have a clean carpet without any damage to the appearance and quality.

Man break from overcleaning carpet

Overusing carpet cleaning materials, a reason for the carpet damage

8. Not using carpet professionals’ helps

Consulting with carpet services professionals is a perfect and safe way to protect the carpets whether at your home or in high-traffic areas like commercial buildings. Because they can provide you with the right carpet cleaning solutions based on the brand, material, and texture of the carpets. Avoiding carpet professional consultation and going for the cleaning on your own without enough knowledge in this field can cause serious or even irrecoverable damage to the carpets. MA Flooring in Melbourne is a group of flooring professionals that can help you in case of any flooring-related topics including carpet cleaning.

Man doing professional carpet cleaning with brush and cleaning material

Using help of carpet professional for cleaning purposes


Avoiding carpet cleaning mistakes is crucial for the carpet’s lifespan and appearance. The actions including using the wrong cleaning materials, not vacuuming regularly, ignoring carpet stains and dirt, and excessive cleaning can cause permanent damages and also costly replacements. By following the right carpet cleaning routine with suitable materials along with the help of flooring experts, you can have a carpet for a long time without any need to repair or replace it.

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