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The natural beauty of Blackbutt hardwood is preserved in our Engineered Timber flooring, which showcases the wood's subtle variations in color and grain. Our flooring is available in lengths of 1830/2190 mm, a slim 136 mm width, and a robust 13.5 mm thickness, making it both visually stunning and durable enough for indoor and outdoor use.


Crystal engineered timber flooring is another popular product among customers who decide to choose timber flooring for their place. Crystal timber flooring is a combination of natural wood beauty with durability and high temperature and humidity resistant. Crystal timber flooring product is presented in pieces with length of 1860 mm, width of 190 mm, and thickness of 14 mm.

Dove Grey

Dove Grey engineered timber flooring is a top-of-the-line flooring option that provides a perfect blend of style and functionality. The flooring is crafted from high-quality oak materials and is designed to withstand the wear and tear of daily use, making it an excellent choice for busy households.

Fantastic Night

Fantastic Night, a type of engineered timber, is a brilliant choice for homeowners. This product is presented with 190mm width, 186cm length, and 14mm thickness. Not to forget, with its variety of uses, there's no doubt that it has recently been growing in popularity.

French Grey

French Grey which is another type of engineered timber flooring is available in dimension of 888mm (length)*148 mm (width)*14mm (thickness). Feel free to contact our flooring experts in Melbourne for more information. 

Jarrah engineered timber

Native to Western Australia, Jarrah is a rich, deep, and beautiful type of wood. This product is available in 1.8 and 2.2m length, 136mm width, and 14mm thickness.


If you're seeking a durable and environmentally friendly flooring option Kempas engineered timber is a choice. This product is available in dimension of 1830/2190mm (length)*136mm (width)*14mm (thickness). For further information, contact our flooring team in Melbourne.

Magnolia engineered timber

Magnolia engineered timber is available with the length of 0.8m, width of 1.4m, and thickness of 14mm.