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6 Latest timber flooring trends

Living room with timber flooring

Timber flooring has always been a popular choice for homeowners due to its durability and natural beauty. In recent years, there has been an emergence of new trends in the timber flooring industry. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the latest trends that are gaining popularity:

1. Timber flooring with natural finishes

One of the latest trends in timber flooring is the use of natural finishes. This involves using finishes that enhance the natural beauty of the wood. These finishes are typically clear or lightly stained, allowing the natural grain and texture of the wood to shine through. Natural finishes are perfect for those who want a classic and timeless look for their home.

Wood glued timber plank

2. Wide planks

Another timber flooring popular trend is the use of wide planks. Wide planks are typically 5 inches or wider, giving the floor a more spacious and open feel. This trend is particularly popular in modern and contemporary homes. Wide planks are perfect for those who want a clean and minimalist look for their home.

3. Reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood is another timber trend that has gained popularity in recent years. This involves using wood that has been salvaged from old buildings or structures. Reclaimed wood is often prized for its unique character and history. It has a rustic and natural feel that is perfect for those who want a cozy and warm atmosphere in their home.

4. Timber flooring exotic species

Exotic species of timber flooring are becoming more popular as well. These species often have unique grain patterns and colors that are not found in domestic species. Some popular exotic species include Brazilian cherry, teak, and tigerwood. Exotic species are perfect for those who want a bold and statement-making look for their home.

5. Timber flooring with parquet patterns

Parquet patterns are another trend that is gaining popularity. This involves arranging small pieces of wood in a geometric pattern, creating a unique and eye-catching design. Parquet patterns are perfect for those who want a sophisticated and elegant look for their home.

Worker installing parquet patterned timber flooring

6. Eco-friendly timber flooring options

Finally, eco-friendly options are becoming more popular as well. These options often involve using sustainable materials or practices in the production of the timber flooring. Some popular eco-friendly options include bamboo flooring and cork flooring. Eco-friendly options are perfect for those who want to reduce their environmental impact while still enjoying the natural beauty of timber flooring.

For choosing a right timber flooring trend, make sure to consider your personal style, home decor, lifestyle, and budget. Picking one that suits you not only makes you feel good but looks good!

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