The art of layering: Using rugs to enhance your home’s aesthetic

Art of layering rugs

Adding depth, interest, and coziness to a room by layering rugs can make it look better. This method can be used to turn any room, whether it’s a modern, simple space or a bohemian-style haven, into a stylish refuge. Let’s explore the art of rug layering a bit more.

The power of layering rugs

Layering rugs is a creative and flexible way to improve the look of a home by adding visual interest, depth, and unique focus points. With this method, like carpet flooring, you can show off your style and turn a simple room into a beautiful and welcoming one. It goes with many types of decor and has practical uses as well, like separating eating rooms from kitchens or living rooms, keeping floors warm, and making a room look new without having to pay a lot of money for fixes or replacements.

Choosing the right rugs for layering

Here are some key considerations to keep in mind when choosing rugs for layering:

  • Think about proportions when choosing rugs of different sizes to make a harmonious layered appearance.
  • Pick rugs with two tones that are different sizes on the bottom than the top.
  • Before you buy rugs, measure the room and all the items in it.
  • Layer rugs with different patterns to make a room look good and feel good to the touch.
  • Think about how to clean different materials and how long they will last.
  • Color Palette: The rugs’ color palette has a big effect on how the layered layout looks.
  • You can pick rugs that go with the room’s color plan or ones that make a strong difference to stand out.
  • Play with Patterns: Putting down rugs with different patterns on top of each other can make the room look better and livelier.
  • Make sure the patterns go together instead of against each other by looking at the size and complexity of each one.
Attractive living room with brown sofa with colorful rug

Attractive living room with brown sofa with colorful rug

Layering rugs for different interior styles

Rug layering is versatile and can enhance the overall look of any home design style, whether it’s contemporary, boho, classic, or eclectic.

Modern style:

  • Layers of geometrically patterned or solid-colored carpets in neutral tones with a bigger rug.
  • A smaller rug with a contrast pattern or texture is placed on top to draw attention to a specific spot or create a focal point.

Bohemian style:

  • Layers of bright colors, graphic patterns, and a variety of textures.
  • Mixes natural fibers with more ornately designed rugs.
  • Experiment with various sizes and shapes, overlaying them to create an attractive and cozy ambiance.

Traditional style:

  • Layers elaborate designs, such as floral motifs or borders, with a bigger, more vibrant rug.
  • Place a smaller rug of a coordinating color and design on top.

Eclectic style:

  • Combines different periods, materials, and styles to create a unique and personalized room.
  • Plays around with various patterns, colors, and textures.
  • Combines contemporary patterns with old carpets and tribal motifs.

Minimalist style:

  • Layers of carpets with muted tones and delicate textures.
  • Choose rugs that are either solid colors or have basic geometric designs.
  • Places a thicker rug over a smaller one with a somewhat different design but is otherwise the same color or texture.
Retro wooden cupboard with books and decorations with rug

Retro wooden cupboard with books and decorations with rug


You can make a cozy space by putting together rugs of different sizes, colors, designs, and shapes. This form of art lets you show off your unique style and personality. Putting down more than one rug can give any room more depth and warmth, whether you want to make a modern living room cozier, a bohemian bedroom more colorful, or a formal dining room feel more elegant. So, let your creativity flow and make your home look better. If you need any help in case of rug layering and other flooring related topics, just feel free to contact us and use our free consultation with flooring experts in Melbourne.

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