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Laminate flooring for pet owners: Tips and tricks

Cute dog on laminate flooring

A pet in the house brings unlimited joy and companionship. However, it might be tough to maintain your home clean and pet-friendly. Flooring often requires careful consideration. Pet claws, spills, and accidents can damage floors. This is why pet owners are increasingly preferring laminate flooring.

The benefits of laminate flooring for pet-friendly homes

Laminate flooring is great for houses with pets since it has many advantages. Some important benefits are as follows:

  • Durability: Laminate flooring can withstand pets’ hyperactivity and stay clean.
  • Scratch resistance: The pet claw-resistant wear layer keeps floors in perfect condition.
  • Stain resistance: Laminate flooring is stain-resistant, making cleanup easy.
  • Low maintenance: Laminate flooring requires only brushing, vacuuming, and occasional damp mopping to maintain its appearance.
  • Waterproof: Laminate flooring can be waterproof or very resistant to water, protecting against spills and mishaps.
  • Pet-friendly: Underlayment makes laminate flooring pet-friendly by adding padding.
  • Affordability: Laminate flooring is cheaper than hardwood or tile, making it a good choice for pet owners.
Little black white puppy dog sleeping under sofa

Little black white puppy dog sleeping under sofa

Choosing the right laminate flooring for your pets

Several aspects must be considered when choosing laminate flooring for pets. Important considerations:

  • Consider the AC (Abrasion Class) rating, A high AC rating is recommended for durability, with AC5 being the most long-lasting and commercially applicable. AC3 or above is recommended for households that allow pets.
  • Choose a laminate flooring with a surface that is resistant to scratches. Certain manufacturers offer laminate with improved scratch resistance.
  • Choose a water-resistant or waterproof core. These are suitable for high-traffic areas where pets are allowed.
  • Consider the thickness of the planks or tiles. For heavy pet traffic, thicker flooring is safer and more stable. A thickness of 8-12mm is recommended.
  • Consider the surface texture. Smooth surfaces display imperfections more prominently, while textured ones camouflage them and are easier on pets’ paws.
  • Look for laminate floors with an extra layer that protects them from stains.
  • Consider the method of installation. Floating floor solutions are preferred for easy replacement of broken parts.
  • Choose a high-quality underlayment. It can affect the flooring’s comfort and soundproofing.
  • Consider the design and style. Choose a design that complements the rest of the house and expresses personal taste in color and pattern.
Golden retriever dog playing with toilet paper on a laminated floor

Golden retriever dog playing with toilet paper on a laminated floor

💡You can also read our full guide about choosing the right flooring for pets article to earn detailed information before choosing the type of flooring. As always, MA Flooring is here to help you in case of any flooring selection. Just feel free and book an appointment with our flooring team in Melbourne.

Managing pet hair and dander on laminate floors

Here are some excellent laminate flooring pet hair and dander management tips:

  • Regular Cleaning: Remove pet hair and dander with a soft-bristled broom or vacuum.
  • Pet-Friendly Vacuum Cleaner: Choose one with high suction and HEPA filters.
  • Microfiber Dust Mopping: Dry or microfiber dust mops can collect pet hair and dander.
  • Damp mopping: Avoid overwatering or harsh cleaners that could damage laminate.
  • Use Pet-Friendly Cleaning Products: Pet-friendly laminate and hardwood floor cleaners are recommended.
  • Regular Pet Grooming: Brush pets often, especially with a de-shedding tool, to eliminate loose hair.


Pet-friendly houses can pick laminate flooring for its durability, scratch resistance, and water resistance. Its stain resistance, comfort, and soundproofing make it ideal for pet owners. A clean and healthy environment can be maintained by sweeping, vacuuming, and using appropriate cleaning products. Regular pet grooming can also help clean the home.

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