How often should you clean your Carpet: Expert tips and advice

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Keeping carpets clean is a key factor with which you get closer to a healthy environment, and also you can have carpets for a longer time without any need to make carpet flooring replacements or repairments. In this article, you will read about tips for a clean carpet and a regular routine for carpet cleaning by considering where it is used.

How often should you vacuum carpets?

Vacuuming carpets regularly is the first way with which you can keep your carpets clean and guarantee their long lifespan. However, vacuuming routine is not the same in all the areas with carpets. It depends on the different factors including how high-traffic the area is, the place where carpets are used or even the material of them.

Carpet Vacuuming in high-traffic areas

High-traffic areas including entrances, hallways, living rooms, and salons do need regular vacuuming between 2 to 3 times per week. This solution can help carpets always look clean and the dirt and stains will not be absorbed into the carpet texture and fibers. By vacuuming carpets well-organized, you do not need to use a stronger level of vacuum wind which may lead to the damages to the carpet appearance over time.

Vacuuming carpets in low-traffic areas

Areas such as bedrooms, guest rooms, and private offices are mostly low-traffic and there is no need to vacuum them more than once a week. A weekly vacuuming is enough for these places in order to get rid of dust and dirt. This helps the carpets have a clean look and long lifespan.

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Regular weekly carpet vacuuming at home, a key point for a clean carpet with long lifespan

Carpet Vacuuming in homes with pets and allergies

Home or other places where pets are kept, need to be daily vacuumed as there are pets’ hair and allergens. This routine helps have a high quality indoor air and avoids possible allergies that can be caused by pets’ hair or any other dirt which can be stuck to the carpets’ fibers and texture.

How often should you tackle carpet stains and spills?

One of the most important steps in keeping the carpets clean is to have enough attention to the spills and stains which can be caused for any reason such as pouring colored liquids like tee, coffee, or juice on the carpet.

Immediate carpet stain and spill cleaning

How fast you react to the spills and stains can help you have a clean and stain-free carpet. It is really important to immediately clean the stains and spill from carpets after they happen, because the longer the stains remain on the carpets, the harder to get rid of them and their spots even after cleaning the carpet.

Regular carpet stain and spill cleaning

It is a good idea to have a weekly routine of checking the carpets to see if there are any stains or spills which you have not noticed before. This method is really helpful to have a spot-free carpet and by following it, you can prevent permanent damages that are the result of ignored stains or spots.

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How often should you go for professional carpet cleaning?

Having a professional carpet cleaning routine is absolutely useful to improve the carpet look and remove all the dirt and pollution that is stuck in the carpets’ texture and fibers which are not possible to be removed with common home solutions. There are recommended professional carpet cleaning periods that are explained below:

Professional carpet cleaning in low and high-traffic areas

For the high-traffic areas, which are floored with carpet rolls, it is recommended to have a professional carpet cleaning procedure every 6 months, however this period is better to be once a year for home carpets that do not have much foot traffic. This process should include steam cleaning and deep cleaning using specific materials to clean dirt, allergens, and stains that cannot usually be removed by vacuuming or home steam cleaning machines.

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Professional carpet deep cleaning every year or every 6 months based on the area foot traffic

Deep carpet cleaning in areas with pets and allergies

For the places where pets live including homes, it is better to have a shorter deep cleaning period as there are pets’ hair in addition to other dirt, stains, and spots. It is recommended to deliver the carpets for a professional cleaning and washing every 3 to 6 months regularly. It is crucial to have this short cleaning routine for the places with pets, because their hair may cause allergic problems for some individuals there.

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Regular professional deep cleaning for homes with pets

What to consider for a regular carpet cleaning?

In addition to the regular carpet cleaning routine which varies for different cases and areas where the carpet exists, it is important to consider some carpet cleaning points in order to maximize the cleaning result.

Carpet material

Carpet material is the first thing that should be considered in the cleaning routine. Wool carpets require more frequent vacuuming than other carpet materials as they contain natural fibers which are subject to the dirt absorption. This is while polyester and polypropylene carpets, which are common in rental and residential places, need less frequent deep cleaning but regular vacuuming and spot cleaning to maintain their fresh appearance.

Carpet-floored area scaling

The scale of the areas that are floored with carpets can affect the frequency of carpet cleaning routine. The smaller areas usually have less foot traffic, so they do not need close cleaning routine periods. On the other hand, the high-traffic areas, which are mostly big in size, need more attention and the carpet cleaning periods should be closer.

Environmental factors

Places in the urban areas are more at risk of air pollution and dust, so the carpets located in these areas need more cleaning including usual carpet cleaning like vacuuming, stains checking, and even deep cleaning by professionals. In comparison to the urban areas, the places which are located in the rural regions where there is less air pollution and dust, need less cleaning attention and a normal carpet cleaning routine would be enough.

Health considerations

People who have some health considerations need to pay more attention to the cleanliness of their places such as their home, especially the carpets, as they can absorb dirt and dust easily and cause extra health problems.

Tips for maintaining carpet clean

Here are some of our tips to maintain the carpets clean and reduce the frequency of carpet cleaning.

  1. Use mats and rugs: Using rugs and mat at the entrances can help parts of dirt and dust which can be easily transferred to the carpets, be reduced and controlled.
  2. Remove shoes: It is a good idea to set a no-shoes policy to minimize the carpet dirt and stains. Additionally this policy is even beneficial for body health.
  3. Regular maintenance: as it was mentioned earlier, regular carpet maintenance can help you have a carpet with a fresh look with less need to do deep cleaning.

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Carpet cleaning consultation in Melbourne

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